Online Hunting Videos

I recently purchased a CZ-452 Special Military Training Rifle chambered in 22 LR. Here are some pictures (not mine):



Isn’t she a beauty? I’ve always loved firearms, for their mechanics, history and as a hobby. I also want to get into hunting someday soon, possibly this year.

But after searching online for tips, advice and guidance on topics in firearms, I cannot help but be disgusted by videos of people putting videos of themselves hunting animals online. Not because its cruel or a horrible thing to do, but because its literally the termination of a life with deadly force. Its a sacred thing, something to be done with sanctity and respect, not something you put online for comments and likes.

If you have trouble understanding this, imagine if people put up videos of executions online for mass viewership. While I can understand it for the purpose of history or verification to family member, our humanity should prevent us from watching it as entertainment.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

Just to make clear, I am not against hunting, either morally, legally or ethically — unless of course its mere trophy-hunting and the meat is not harvested. Hunting is a fine tradition and per my hunting education course, has non-intuitively led to an increase in wildlife populations. My concern is with the lack of respect of the animal.