Modernity is Backwards

What’s going on with the world? Did I just not realize things were this crazy, or is it a recent thing? Everything is backwards, everything is upside down!

  • The US used to be free, now our freedoms are taken chipped away little by little.
  • Supporting war is seen as patriotic.
  • Youth culture used to oppose war, now they support it.
  • The news used to be somewhat objective, now they tell lies and have more junk news than real news.
  • Religions used to help the broken and meek, now they preach the gospel of prosperity.
  • The secular and atheists used to be about peace and harmony, now they’re war-mongering Neo-Cons.
  • Capitalism used to mean “free market”, now it means “government intervention in the economy”.
  • Values and morality used to be important, now they’re mocked.
  • The aged used to be valued for their wisdom, now they’re jettisoned as relics of the past.
  • The wisdom of the past is rejected, because the explosion of knowledge today is erroneously conflated with wisdom.
  • The religious are no longer moderate, they’re nut-jobs you should avoid.
  • We have something called “social media”, which ironically makes us more isolated.
  • Sex outside of marriage is common, marriages frequently end in divorce.
  • Many (not all) doctors are not interested in healing you, but in getting your money.
  • Why we are fighting these wars is confusing.
  • Traditional cultures and ways of life that have been around for thousands of years are replaced with McDonaldization.
  • The self-described cultural modernists are insane and live lives of social decay and breakdown, without realizing it.
  • Popular culture is wholly owned by corporate interests whose command of human psychology makes them millions.
  • Men live lives of quiet emasculation, women see their honor in acting like men.
  • Animals are treated as lifeless commodities.
  • Common Food is poison and makes you sick.

Modernity is evil.

  • Put down your weapons
  • Stop fighting
  • Cry because of the pain of others
  • Start understanding each other
  • Praying together
  • Turn off the TV
  • Evil is not embodied in people we have to kill, its something in our own hearts we must struggle to eradicate
  • Eat better food
  • Exercise
  • Make love to your spouse, not some plastic TV actresses
  • Meditate
  • Be local, not global
  • Try new things and meet new people
  • Focus on the evil in your own heart and overlook the evil of others!

Online Hunting Videos

I recently purchased a CZ-452 Special Military Training Rifle chambered in 22 LR. Here are some pictures (not mine):



Isn’t she a beauty? I’ve always loved firearms, for their mechanics, history and as a hobby. I also want to get into hunting someday soon, possibly this year.

But after searching online for tips, advice and guidance on topics in firearms, I cannot help but be disgusted by videos of people putting videos of themselves hunting animals online. Not because its cruel or a horrible thing to do, but because its literally the termination of a life with deadly force. Its a sacred thing, something to be done with sanctity and respect, not something you put online for comments and likes.

If you have trouble understanding this, imagine if people put up videos of executions online for mass viewership. While I can understand it for the purpose of history or verification to family member, our humanity should prevent us from watching it as entertainment.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

Just to make clear, I am not against hunting, either morally, legally or ethically — unless of course its mere trophy-hunting and the meat is not harvested. Hunting is a fine tradition and per my hunting education course, has non-intuitively led to an increase in wildlife populations. My concern is with the lack of respect of the animal.


My experience accosted by the World Mission Society Church of God

To others, this is offensive. To me, this is beyond fun. I was at a gas station with a friend at 12:30am with a friend when a man dressed in a suit and tie power walked in our direction. My first thoughts were that this guy might need something or wants money. Instead, he asked me if I had read the Bible. Great, I like the Christian street preachers, I’m still waiting to hear the whole “Have you ever told a lie? Then you’re a liar” bit. but unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, this was not that kind of encounter. zhang_gil-jah

This man, whose name is Keith, immediately went on to tell me that just as there is a “God the Father”, there is also a “God the Mother”, and showed me a picture of her. This was the picture to the right.

Right off the bat, I realized that he was not a normal Christian. Second, I wanted to get technical with him and say “God created gender and therefore he could not be subject to gender”, but then thought that might be too much for the moment. He got his iPhone and started showing me that God created humanity in his name, suggesting male and female, and since every living being has a gender God must also have a gender. He then said that because God refers to himself as “we” in Genesis, that it must mean that there’s a plurality and that Ellohim means “Gods”. I am still not certain if he meant plurality of Gods or plurality of parts of God within the hypo-static union.

At that point, and after several attempts, I finally got him to listen for a moment. I asked him if he was familiar with Semitic languages, which he said no. I said Hebrew and Arabic are in a family of languages and since I speak functional Arabic, I can speak about this with a degree of authority. In Semitic languages, there is such a thing as a “royal plural”. But as I was explaining this to him, it seemed like he was so excited, he was just waiting for his turn to speak and was not really listening.

Now, around this time I mentioned to him that I am a Muslim. Almost by definition, that means that the Christian Bible is not a primary source of guidance for me. But he entirely used the Bible as his basis. But I ignored that problem for now. He randomly went into the Sabbath being Saturday. I don’t disagree with him, but what did that have to do with me? He made another point about Isaac haven been given the covenant, but I did not follow him. He said something about how Jerusalem refers to his “God the Mother” figure.

A funny moment was when he randomly jumped to how the “Bride of Christ” is his “God the Mother”. I said the Christians interpret the Bride of Christ as the Church. He immediately said that they are wrong and worship Satan. I said they would say you are wrong, upon which he immediately said “yes, but they are wrong”. I said again “right, but they would say you are wrong and you worship Satan”. This back and forth happened 4 times, but it did not sink in for him.

At this point a good 10 minutes had passed and I did not want to leave my friend waiting around as I talked to this crazy guy, so I said I had to go. He said he wanted my number upon which I very bluntly said I was not going to give my number to a person I just met, but would like his email address or website. He flatly told me that he is not interested in hearing opposing views because when a prophet comes, you do not listen to Satan. I tried to tell him that there is a difference between “listening to Satan” and entertaining valid questions. But that fell on deaf ears. In the end, he told me that the only way to heaven was through his faith. If I was not in “polite mode”, I would have told him that he’s a polytheist and idol worshiper. I also thought this morning that his faith must be weak if it cannot even hear reasoned criticism. But it did not occur to me.

One thing I could see in his eyes was his absolute conviction of his faith, an impatience with hearing others, inability to stay on topic which suggests that he is so convinced of his faith that there are multiple thoughts going on in his head at the same time and he cannot control himself. He did not want to listen, understand or know his audience. I went to their website and there are a few observations I have:

  • They focus on pushing forward their specific doctrines based on the Bible, rather than general topics that might appeal to non-Christians;
  • They are big on self-promotion and pointing out their awards, their community service and how much people love being in the faith, work with the UN, etc;
  • Their videos use a lot of “constructed emotion”, through background music or showing smiling faces, etc. Its more image than substance.

I do not know much more about them, I am not certain if they are a cult or not. But I want nothing to do with them.

All Empires Die (Including America)

This is not my idea, nor is it a particularly new idea. Unfortunately, as with most of my uniquely constructed ideas, I was not the first one to come up with this either. I mention it here only because its worth thinking about, especially as American has become hyper-nationalistic in the last decade.

All empires eventually grow old and eventually die. They can die violently through a war, or slowly through economic and political decay. You can see this with the great Chinese Dynasties, or the Roman Empire, or the Ottoman Turks, or the Mongol Conquests. Even in our modern times, we have witnessed the collapse of the Soviet Union.

That leads to an interesting question: Will the American Empire someday collapse? I don’t mean America’s colonies world-wide, I mean the the continental US. I believe so. I don’t know when, and though it might be an interesting time to live through, I hope it happens well after my death. But like every other Empire, the American Empire, this great continental land mass from Coast to Coast, will eventually break up, have inter-state wars, and slowly come to an end.

In my opinion, it will happen primarily as a war between the federal government and state governments. While there will be “rally around the flag” elements of American-style protestant Christianity, urbanisme vs ruralism, racism and its retarded cousin nativism, its real root cause will be the crippling effects of the national debt on the economy. In short, the federal government will overspend, which will result in excessively high interest rates, a devaluation of the dollar, and possibly inflation. The federal government will install new restrictions and regulations on economic and human behavior in a vain attempt to curb the crisis. This will be interpreted as yet another federal overstep of power. It will initially be met with anger, then protests, then armed resistance of attempts to implement them from locals, then organized militias and finally the state militia, National Guard units, which answer to the governor not the president. The New England states, Northern and Urban states will keep DC and will symbolically be the capital of the US, as the Rome was the capital of the Roman empire. The Southern, Rural and Midwestern states will be disunited.

Okay, enough rant above. The point is, the US like all former empires will eventually grow old and die. So why have this semi religious-like love of the US? I don’t get it.