The Pattern of Fascism

Fascist governments follow a well-defined, oft-repeated trajectory. This is a dangerous path that is worth critical examination if we are following that path. I submit that fascist movements reach a dangerous critical mass when four fundamental factors are in place:

  1. A radical nationalistic movement, mixed with a hatred of “the other race”.
  2. A feeling of territorial loss or fear of loss
  3. Militarism
  4. Heretical religion mixed with Nationalism

Let me explain each, and then provide examples, By radical nationalism, I mean a toxic nationalism, as opposed to positive upliftment, that has defined an enemy racial or religious group and sees their victory in the destruction of the other. By loss of land, this means feeling that their historic land was lost and they must regain it. Militarism takes the previous and puts it into practice. This also means finding and rooting out dissedents against the rising radical nationalism. And last, by heretical religion I mean a type of religion that uses the language and iconography of religion, but is anything but on the normative tradition. For example, using a religion that is fundamentally for peace as a justification for war and death.


I’ll start with Godwin’s law, but appropriately so. Nazi Germany saw a rise in radical German nationalism. They had a feeling that not only was their historic land lost, which they sought to violently regain, they felt that their status in Europe was under threat. The militarism was obvious and needs no explanation. And finally, German nationalism was mixed with religious iconography, to produce this holy army against the infidels. This led to World War 2 and the genocide against the Jews.

We see this at the end of the Ottoman Empire, where Turkey felt that their former glorious nation was no more. The rise in militarism was a direct effect of the military coup by the three Pashas. They were able to expel the Caliph and religious leaders, and take the reigns of the country. The enemy were defined as the Armenians, who were not only infidels, but were said to be actively working against the Ottoman State. This led to the massacres, forced death marches and slaughter.

Serbia in the fall of Yugoslavia is another example. Serbia felt that their status among the Slavic nations was challenged, so they actively fought to take control of the region, along with non-Yugoslavia territories. The country militarized under Slobodan Milosevic, who fought to hate on “the other” races, who were Croats, Muslims, Albanians and Slovenians. We saw this in the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo. He mixed Orthodox Christianity with Serbian Nationalism, with the iconography of King Stefan Lazarević, as if they were still resisting the Latin Church and Ottoman Empire (who, btw, historically were historic enemies). This led to the wars in the 90s and the genocide of the Bosniaks.

We see this in Israel, with Zionism, which is toxic Jewish nationalism. They see their land as what the indigenous Palestinians lived on. They mixed in heretical Judaism, initially opposed by all Rabbis, with their nationalistic aims. The iconography on their state flag is a sign of them mixing radical nationalism with the state. Their militarism and brutalization of the Palestinian people is collectively referred to as the Nakba, the slow-motion ethnic cleansing.

And finally, we see this in America… We see the rise of radical Patriotism, which is America’s form of Nationalism, mixing with militarism. But this is not a militarism against foreign countries, that largely died down since the wars of the 2000s, we see it coming back home with the police state, the armaments trade and the rise of “patriot” militia groups. The “other group” will be Muslims, immigrants and to a lesser degree immigrants, particularly Hispanics. The Christian-Right is self-evident, a violent, cruel, militaristic, modernistic strain of Christianity. Their spokesmen are people like Glenn Beck and other demagogues.

And one final point…. This pattern always comes into practice precisely when the country is in a state of terminal decline. The decline will be televised and horrific.

The Bad Reason for the Second Amendment

I’m very pro-2nd amendment, I personally own a .22LR rifle, used to own a 9mm, and plan to buy a Mosin-Nagant sometime in the future. However, I completely fail to understand the rationale of some, not all, gun-rights activists. Specifically, those who argue that guns are a necessary tool to over-throw or push back a tyrannical government in the impending future dystopia.

First off, the following reasons in support of the second amendment are unquestionably legitimate:

  • Sportsmanship – When you target shoot just for fun, what’s commonly referred to as called plinking.
  • Hunting – Though it can border on the immoral, killing an animal for food is not only natural, its by far better for the prey than to be raised in a farm from birth and injected with hormones and all that.
  • Historical Value – Because you want a piece of modern history, which has shaped the destiny of the world.
  • Self-Defense – This comes with strong caveat. Use a pistol-caliber round for home-defense, a shotgun or at most an AR-15. Some people get nutty with thousands of gizmos and add-ons. I think that’s over-kill. Unlikely you will need a powerful round beyond what I mentioned. So in general, this is a valid reason.

Now that that’s out of the way, lets talk about the one majorly invalid reason: Fighting back against an out of control government. This almost always take the form of the US federal government restricting freedoms, putting people in camps, devaluing the currently, and what they call “Shit Hits the Fan” scenarios. If this is your primary reason for owning a firearm, your reason is not only irrational, it is absurd and going to get you, your family and potentially your neighbors killed. Turn back while you have time and support peace!

The inferiority of militia groups

If you ever spend time looking up militia groups online, you cannot help but not take them seriously. They’re mostly immature, army-wanna young guys looking for a fight. At best, they have small arms, camouflage clothing, and spirit. At worst, they’re overweight, boast minimal training, mostly consisting of running around with their gun, and are highly irresponsible with their rhetoric. Its as if they want a conflict to break out!

Realistically speaking, if the government wanted to stop your and your cell, short of going into hiding, they would kill you in a heart-beat. If you were ever found to be a serious threat, they would send a drone to bomb you and your entire group. They could do this from 100 miles away, without you having the slightest idea it was coming. And not, your militia group would be relegated to the mountains and die of starvation or exposure, far away from the areas they want to control. I don’t care if you have 10,000 rounds per soul, you would not stand a chance.

In open conflict, a well-trained, well-equipped, well-funded, well-established National Guard would make short-work of these militia-types. It will not be a Second American Revolution, it would be an entirely asymmetric conflict with the Federal Troops winning.

The Eventuality of Conflicts

Even if you could eventually defeat a tyrannical government, its not always worth it. Put down your romanticism and look at the human cost of civil wars.

The past fifty years have seen countless conflicts against national governments. Two examples that immediately come to mind are the Chechen separatist movement of the ’90s and Syrian Rebels in the on-going civil war. In both cases, smaller, less-equipped irregular troops were able to deal a serious blow to the national military. But, at what cost?

I have no defined views on who to support in the Syrian conflict, its one big SHTF scenario. But what I can say is that millions of people have had their lives destroyed, lost limbs, been traumatized, had their wealth and fortunes destroyed, lost family members, and seen their proud country reduced to rubble. An estimated 1.7 Million people have left to neighboring Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. And even when this damn war ends, the country will be left with open-wounds along sectarian and political divides that never existed in the past — at least not like this.

In the case of Chechnya, the capital city Grozny was reduced to a heap of rubble. I once read that 1/4th of the entire ethnic group was killed in the two wars. Watch the following video. If you eyes are dry after watching this, your heart is dead.

That poor boy looking for his sister…

That is war! Even if you are fine, suited up in your battle-dress uniform, armed to the teeth, the civilian populations who even ostensibly support your cause are subject to the brutal wrath of a faceless state — all in the name of security.

In the past, wars were localized. It was possible for populations to remain isolated from conflict in their own cities. If their walls were high enough and strong enough, they could resist even a six month-long siege. But in modern times, wars are more bloody, more violent, and cost more than they have ever in the history of history.


Finally, I want to close with a final point. In ‘Aqidah al-Tahawiyya, a classical book of theology, the author says

We do not recognize rebellion against our authority or those in charge of our affairs even if they are unjust, nor do we wish evil on them, nor do we withdraw from following them. We hold that obedience to them is part of obedience to God, The Glorified, and therefore obligatory as long as they do not order to commit sins. We pray for their right guidance and pardon from their wrongs.

Though this is a bitter pill to swallow, but the reasons are clear: Fighting creates chaos and bloodshed which is worse than oppression. In these difficult times, forgive each other, have forbearance over the mistakes of others, support peace, put down your weapons and run away from the fight!

Having said all that…I can’t wait to go hunting some rabbits 🙂