A Schism within Sunnism?

So, I just got rejected by two girls (one herself, another by her father) for being Sufi-leaning.

Sunnism has no clergy, which, contrary to intuition, has historically led to normative scholastic tradition, not disunity and chaos. However, it seems that in the US there are two groups that both call themselves Sunnis: the Sufis and the Salafis. If you’re an average Muslim, you probably wouldn’t notice the difference, and that’s a good thing. But if you dig deep and “pick a side”, you’ll experience problems.

  • Both have their own Shaykhs
  • Both have their own Fiqh
  • Both have their own ‘Aqidah
  • Both claim to be traditional and original
  • Both have their own”pet issues” that they focus on and obsess over
  • Both have their own “standard texts”
  • Both consider the other to be astray
  • Both have faults that the other side legitimately points out.
  • In rare cases, there are masjids that are distinctly “Salafi Masjids”, while Sufis have their own dergahs and zawiyas.

To me, within Sunnism, on a day to day basis this stuff should not matter,, its the same thing!! These issues are only issues if you make them issues. Otherwise, they won’t come up in your life unless you focus on them instead of focusing on your life.

Because both consider themselves to be Orthodox and because culturally they’re nearly identical, I don’t think this schism has the potential to formalize into distinct groups from an outsiders perspective. They both pray in the same masjids, befriend each other, work on common projects and so on.

That’s all.