Racial Profiling

As a victim of racial profiling, I feel I have a right to throw in my two cents on this issue.

In theory, I agree with racial profiling. Think about it. If the Green Nation of Green people were trying to break apart from the US, and there were several attacks by Greens against the US Government, it might make sense to racially profile Greens for extra screening and checkpoints at airports and targets of high impact. That makes sense. Instead of screening, say, 5,000 people, you only had to screen 100, that would save time and money. Worse yet, a Green terrorist might slip through the random screening process and pass through. So again, in theory I support racial profiling. I don’t think any rational person would disagree with this reasoning.


Racially profiling doesn’t work. No really, it doesn’t work. We’re talking about racially profiling Muslims, of course. But, Islam isn’t a race that can easily be identified. A Muslim can any race, male or female. And what’s even more crazy? The people who did 9/11 were not wearing robes and sporting a beard, they were wearing western-style clothes and were beardless. What’s even more crazy? Some 20% of the Egyptian Arabs, who make up a large contention of America-Arabs, are Christians. It gets even more complicated. 1/3 of the Muslims in the US are Black. Then what about those who converted? What about those who just don’t “look Muslim”? The list goes on….

So while I theoretically support racial profiling, it just doesn’t work.

Your thoughts?

Women: The “Other” Gender

I have a theory: Women see themselves as “the other” gender, not the “default” one. Let me explain.

People who belong to a norm tend not to have a term to identify themselves. It would be unnecessary, because its already understood and recognized. In large groups where everyone shares a common identity, that quality or trait becomes a “background identity” (like background-noise.)

I’ve never referred to myself as a ‘human’ in a conversation, because everyone is a human. Likewise, in a gathering of all Asians, no one refers to the other as Asians. But, when an outsider is introduced into the group, that person is often identified by what makes him distinct from the group. For example, if an African joined the gathering, he would be identified as such.

Being roughly 50% of the world’s population, you would think the identity of being a woman would become a background-identity. But outwardly, it appears that their gender is a major part of their identity, more than being male is for men. Consider the following examples to illustrate the point:

  • The NBA vs The WNBA
  • A strong, confident person vs A strong, confident woman
  • Perspectives vs A Woman’s Perspective
  • Work vs Womens’ Work
  • Health issues vs Womens’ Health issues
  • Power vs Girl-power
  • Support Groups vs Womens-Support Groups
  • Out with your friends vs Girls’ Night Out

Do you see a pattern? Men do not feel the need to add any type of male-identifier, whereas women are more likely to specify their gender. For example, confidence is gender-neutral. But, women are more likely to add the ‘woman’ identity. Both genders are able to attain power, but young girls are more likely to use the prefix “Girl-“.

Since women are roughly 50% of the world’s population, one would expect the female-identity to become a “background-identity”, just as it has for males. But, the presence of female-specific qualifiers and organizations suggests that women are acutely aware of that part of their identity. This suggests that they see their femininity as different than the accepted norm.

Your thoughts?

Where is our Humanity?!

Warning: This is a rant!

I wake up – not with the sun, but with the sound of the alarm. I dress in a perfectly pressed shirt, pants with an  impeccable crease. I commute on a pre-destined set of roads. Work ends at precisely 5pm, back home. I sleep according to the clock.

What happened to our humanity? What happened to our connection to our original nature? Am I some biological mass that’s in the process of being perfected into a machine, with a barcode and an ID?

Small example: Why do men shave? To make us androgynous beings that reduce our humanity just a little more?? What little hair we do allow, we insist that it is perfectly aligned in geometric shapes and lines. Men used to be strong, and take pride in their strength. Nowadays, unless you schedule in gym time, most mens’ arms are indistinguishable from womens’. People now refuse to shake hands, to touch another human being. We are afraid of getting wet, instead of recognizing that a little bit of discomfort is part of what we are.

At work, we sit in front of machines that filter out our humanity into 1’s and 0’s. So much more!

I want to wake up with the sun. I want to eat when hungry, not when the clock strikes 12. You know, I haven’t ridden an animal since childhood? Only cars! My hair should be messy, just a little. I want to eat food I took out of the earth myself, slaughter my own animal and clean it myself, get messy and be a real person. Sure, I might a little hungry and a little tired. But I’ll have a nicer view, and I’ll be a human being!

The sad part is, some of us are so immersed in this lifestyle, we don’t even realize how bad we have it.