Constructing my identity from Google

I recently read that the FBI does not consider Zimmerman to be a racist — in fact quite the opposite. This identity was partially based on researching his digital footprint to find out what he was writing.

That made me begin to question, if someone looked into my internet history what would they find? Here are just some of my interests:

  1. I am interested in the geography and culture of Muslim minorities in conflict zones;
  2. I have extensively attended Salafi lectures;
  3. I once owned a Firearm and am interested in them
  4. I’m pro-Palestinian (whatever that even means nowadays because Palestine is dead);
  5. I can speak a decent amount of classical Arabic;
  6. I speak Urdu and was studying Pashto, both widely used among terrorists;
  7. I have extensive “computer training”;
  8. I look up other houses of worship where I live;
  9. I support the radical right;
  10. Per the FBI, I had contact with a known “suspect” who was arrested for aiding the Taliban in Pakistan.

Sounds pretty shady, doesn’t it? Even my own brother said that all these interests together make me sound pretty questionable. But lets go through them one by one.

  1. I have a profound interest in Muslim cultures as a whole just because I love cultures, clothes, languages, and so on;
  2. The Salafi talks were Al-Maghrib, which are openly anti-terrorism. I am no longer a Salafi, nor was I the violent-type when I was one;
  3. I bought a 9mm, which is not exactly a murderers weapon of choice, and I used it to relieve stress, go shooting with my dad (God have mercy on him) and as a side-hobby. I currently possess a hunting license, but have never used it;
  4. I’m not anti-Israel and am very interested in the theology of Judaism. In undergrad, I thought about converting and becoming a Noachide;
  5. I speak classical Arabic, not modern-standard, and even that is broken;
  6. I grew up speaking Urdu, again broken, and know maybe 30 words in Pashto which I only got into because I finally realized why I’m so white for a Pakistani;
  7. I’ve been interested in computers since I was in elementary school and work in IT security;
  8. I look up other houses of worship because I’m in love with studying religions and love people who are devoted to their faiths, irrespective of what they may be;
  9. I consider myself a libertarian with limits, but in practical consider myself to be apolitical;
  10. I don’t even recall doing this, but when I apparently did, I asked some stupid questions about translating something from Arabic and general “guy talk”.

Scary what you can put together without context or explanation.