All Empires Die (Including America)

This is not my idea, nor is it a particularly new idea. Unfortunately, as with most of my uniquely constructed ideas, I was not the first one to come up with this either. I mention it here only because its worth thinking about, especially as American has become hyper-nationalistic in the last decade.

All empires eventually grow old and eventually die. They can die violently through a war, or slowly through economic and political decay. You can see this with the great Chinese Dynasties, or the Roman Empire, or the Ottoman Turks, or the Mongol Conquests. Even in our modern times, we have witnessed the collapse of the Soviet Union.

That leads to an interesting question: Will the American Empire someday collapse? I don’t mean America’s colonies world-wide, I mean the the continental US. I believe so. I don’t know when, and though it might be an interesting time to live through, I hope it happens well after my death. But like every other Empire, the American Empire, this great continental land mass from Coast to Coast, will eventually break up, have inter-state wars, and slowly come to an end.

In my opinion, it will happen primarily as a war between the federal government and state governments. While there will be “rally around the flag” elements of American-style protestant Christianity, urbanisme vs ruralism, racism and its retarded cousin nativism, its real root cause will be the crippling effects of the national debt on the economy. In short, the federal government will overspend, which will result in excessively high interest rates, a devaluation of the dollar, and possibly inflation. The federal government will install new restrictions and regulations on economic and human behavior in a vain attempt to curb the crisis. This will be interpreted as yet another federal overstep of power. It will initially be met with anger, then protests, then armed resistance of attempts to implement them from locals, then organized militias and finally the state militia, National Guard units, which answer to the governor not the president. The New England states, Northern and Urban states will keep DC and will symbolically be the capital of the US, as the Rome was the capital of the Roman empire. The Southern, Rural and Midwestern states will be disunited.

Okay, enough rant above. The point is, the US like all former empires will eventually grow old and die. So why have this semi religious-like love of the US? I don’t get it.