Wasteful Government Spending

A few weeks back my boss called us all in and said, “We have left-over money on this contract I need to spend $1 million in the next two weeks”.
So we ordered a whole bunch of hardware and software – a $60,000 server, 2 smaller $6,000 servers, 4 NAS appliances, switches, about 40 $15k monitors, lots of software, two racks, switches, firewalls, etc.
We set all this up, setup an infrastructure, VLANing, configured everything.
The government just came in and said none of this was properly approved and it needs to be shutdown.
That’s $1 million wasted.

My dad said the ATF was the most wasteful government agency he ever worked for. He said they once ordered hundreds of high-end radios (the MSRP was $2,000), warehoused them, never used them for 10 years, and then sold them on the open market.

This is why we are in debt. Programs are right, but spending is insane.


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