Syncing my Bluetooth headset on Kubuntu

I had a bit of trouble getting my Linux (Kubuntu) to function as a bluetooth headset for my computer and I wanted to write this guide for anyone else having trouble.

First, I’m running Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS

Second, get your device to pair. I used Blueman, an applet that came with Kubuntu.

snapshot1Getting it to pair was annoying enough, but once I got that working, I clicked Setup, then paired it as a Headset. I then edited the file /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf and changed the following:


It was True. I then Uncommented


Then, I rebooted pulseaudio by doing a simple:

sudo killall -9 pulseaudio

and then restarted pulseaudio as root. Per the folks on Freenode’s #Linux I could have also started a program that uses pulseaudio, but this worked. Afterwards, audio was playing on both my computer’s regular speakers and the headset.

Only downside: When I play a game like Counter-strike, there is a very slight delay between the action and the audio. I have no idea what the cause of that is.


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