Approached by an FBI Informant

I’m all but absolutely certain that I was approached by an FBI Informant last night at the Ferguson rally. I’m completely serious.

I went to DC to protest the case in Ferguson, but also the treatment of African-Americans by police in general.

It was a little chilly last night so I was wearing a Pakol, a hat commonly worn by Pashtuns which I happen to be.


The exact same kinda hat I was wearing


It also just so happens that my neighbor is a DC Cop and in my habit of talking to random people I went up to a cop and asked if he knew my neighbor. They said no, but then a random guy off to the side said “I know him!”. He was prob mid to late 30s, busy beard, sharp nose, wearing a cotton hat. He had with him a fatter, about the same age, wearing a dark kifiyya.

I said oh cool, you do? But he immediately jumped to commenting on my hat. He said something to the effect of “You can’t wear that unless you’ve been to Afghanistan”, upon which I said I am Afghan. He said he was from Kandahar. I busted out in a little bit of Pashto, but he could not understand me. Also, his accent for certain Afghanisms was off – someone his age from Afghanistan would have only come to the US in the last 20 years and would have retained his accent. He then switched to saying he was from Kabul – which I didn’t catch as an inconsistency until about 15 minutes later.

He asked me about the Muslim “centers” (not masjids) where I live and I rattled off a few names. He then said he heard there were a lot of places to “train”. That set off my bullshit detect, but I played dumb and said “train?” He said “train for combat”. I went on to telling him that not only would Muslims in DC not be down for that, they would probably beat you up, and then turn you into the police. He seemed to lose interest pretty quickly, so I repeated that. After that, I walked away somewhat quickly and got lost in the crowd.

Then a thought came to me. If this guy really was someone trying to “infiltrate a Jihadi network”, I want to leave a better impression on him. About an hour or so (not sure) later I randomly ran into him and his friend in the crowd. I said “Listen, if you are, don’t get caught up with those people” and went on about how the Prophet called such people “the dogs of hell”. He said “Yeah, they’re radicals, right?” upon which I said “Beyond radical! If you see them, you should spit on them!” and told him again not to get caught up in those people.

After that, I didn’t see him or his friend again, got mixed up in the crowd.

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