The Übermensch

WE are the best. WE come from the highest ideals, the strongest principles. OUR leaders represent freedom and purity. OUR ideas were created through divine intervention, god is on our side, god blesses OUR soldiers and curses theirs, god takes our side.

WE are taught about the enemy. OUR leaders teach us about them and our media conveys it to US. WE are shown stories OUR brave soldiers, aspire to follow THEIR high moral convictions, of principle, honor, duty and respect for the FLAG. Their sacrifices of life and limb are upon the alter of freedom, for OUR defense. Glory to OUR nation!

OUR enemies are impure, evil, filthy, sick and diseased. their crimes forfeit their lives, and WE have been given divine right to destroy them for the harm they cause upon OUR weakest, OUR women and children. they humiliate their own women, abuse their children, murder the innocent among themselves! We must destroy them all!

Some among them have seen OUR ways, OUR truths. They strive to be like US, to adopt OUR ways, OUR names, OUR clothes, OUR traditions. WE give them some allowance, after all, we are tolerant, open and free people. WE tolerate some of their strange ethnic ways.

But for the rest…WE have the right to kill them. Bomb them to obliteration, destroy their pathetic history, put down their traditions, find them in their rat holes and kill them with impunity. WE raise the flag, OUR flag, showing OUR glory to god.

And if you do not support US, you are one of them. And WE will kill you too. For WE are the Übermensch.


About Nahraf
Providing interesting insight into the world of Economics, Theology, Computer Science and Social phenomena.

2 Responses to The Übermensch

    • Nahraf says:

      Amazing. Absolutely amazing. In a very dark and depressing way.

      “We ask it, in the spirit of love, of Him Who is the Source of Love, and Who is the ever-faithful refuge and friend of all that are sore beset and seek His aid with humble and contrite hearts.”

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