Internet Culture Is…

Internet culture is…

  • Image over substance
  • Putting up angry Facebook statuses to feel like you’re making a difference
  • The irony that social media is strikingly anti-social
  • Depressed Nihilism bandaided with materialism
  • Accumulation of knowledge that no one actually reads
  • Abandonment of local causes, but token internet support of global efforts
  • The quick build-up of emotion, only to be quickly forgotten
  • Mockery of everything, including the God, the Holocaust, and people during their lowest moments (ie, after a death in the family)
  • Reducing a person’s life work to summarized quotes. They sound nice, but no one acts upon them
  • Uniformity and conformity, with the illusion of individualism
  • Casual, subtle and deeply unintellectual dismissal of religious traditions
  • Overblown egos
  • Concern with everyone but yourself, your family or your neighbors
  • Lack of compromise or even being able to understand the opponent
  • Hyper-atheism that only has the illusion of intelligence
  • Having an opinion on things you are not qualified to have an opinion on
  • Lack of genuine concern for suffering
  • Western-centric view on culture – all others are “tolerated” or seen as backwards

The problem is not the medium, the problem is what the medium is used for. Keep yourselves free from these diseases.


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Providing interesting insight into the world of Economics, Theology, Computer Science and Social phenomena.

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