Modernity is Backwards

What’s going on with the world? Did I just not realize things were this crazy, or is it a recent thing? Everything is backwards, everything is upside down!

  • The US used to be free, now our freedoms are taken chipped away little by little.
  • Supporting war is seen as patriotic.
  • Youth culture used to oppose war, now they support it.
  • The news used to be somewhat objective, now they tell lies and have more junk news than real news.
  • Religions used to help the broken and meek, now they preach the gospel of prosperity.
  • The secular and atheists used to be about peace and harmony, now they’re war-mongering Neo-Cons.
  • Capitalism used to mean “free market”, now it means “government intervention in the economy”.
  • Values and morality used to be important, now they’re mocked.
  • The aged used to be valued for their wisdom, now they’re jettisoned as relics of the past.
  • The wisdom of the past is rejected, because the explosion of knowledge today is erroneously conflated with wisdom.
  • The religious are no longer moderate, they’re nut-jobs you should avoid.
  • We have something called “social media”, which ironically makes us more isolated.
  • Sex outside of marriage is common, marriages frequently end in divorce.
  • Many (not all) doctors are not interested in healing you, but in getting your money.
  • Why we are fighting these wars is confusing.
  • Traditional cultures and ways of life that have been around for thousands of years are replaced with McDonaldization.
  • The self-described cultural modernists are insane and live lives of social decay and breakdown, without realizing it.
  • Popular culture is wholly owned by corporate interests whose command of human psychology makes them millions.
  • Men live lives of quiet emasculation, women see their honor in acting like men.
  • Animals are treated as lifeless commodities.
  • Common Food is poison and makes you sick.

Modernity is evil.

  • Put down your weapons
  • Stop fighting
  • Cry because of the pain of others
  • Start understanding each other
  • Praying together
  • Turn off the TV
  • Evil is not embodied in people we have to kill, its something in our own hearts we must struggle to eradicate
  • Eat better food
  • Exercise
  • Make love to your spouse, not some plastic TV actresses
  • Meditate
  • Be local, not global
  • Try new things and meet new people
  • Focus on the evil in your own heart and overlook the evil of others!

About Nahraf
Providing interesting insight into the world of Economics, Theology, Computer Science and Social phenomena.

2 Responses to Modernity is Backwards

  1. Bro says:

    Salam. Exactly brother! Well said.

  2. Hyde says:

    1984 meet Brave New World!

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