Constructing my identity from Google

I recently read that the FBI does not consider Zimmerman to be a racist — in fact quite the opposite. This identity was partially based on researching his digital footprint to find out what he was writing.

That made me begin to question, if someone looked into my internet history what would they find? Here are just some of my interests:

  1. I am interested in the geography and culture of Muslim minorities in conflict zones;
  2. I have extensively attended Salafi lectures;
  3. I once owned a Firearm and am interested in them
  4. I’m pro-Palestinian (whatever that even means nowadays because Palestine is dead);
  5. I can speak a decent amount of classical Arabic;
  6. I speak Urdu and was studying Pashto, both widely used among terrorists;
  7. I have extensive “computer training”;
  8. I look up other houses of worship where I live;
  9. I support the radical right;
  10. Per the FBI, I had contact with a known “suspect” who was arrested for aiding the Taliban in Pakistan.

Sounds pretty shady, doesn’t it? Even my own brother said that all these interests together make me sound pretty questionable. But lets go through them one by one.

  1. I have a profound interest in Muslim cultures as a whole just because I love cultures, clothes, languages, and so on;
  2. The Salafi talks were Al-Maghrib, which are openly anti-terrorism. I am no longer a Salafi, nor was I the violent-type when I was one;
  3. I bought a 9mm, which is not exactly a murderers weapon of choice, and I used it to relieve stress, go shooting with my dad (God have mercy on him) and as a side-hobby. I currently possess a hunting license, but have never used it;
  4. I’m not anti-Israel and am very interested in the theology of Judaism. In undergrad, I thought about converting and becoming a Noachide;
  5. I speak classical Arabic, not modern-standard, and even that is broken;
  6. I grew up speaking Urdu, again broken, and know maybe 30 words in Pashto which I only got into because I finally realized why I’m so white for a Pakistani;
  7. I’ve been interested in computers since I was in elementary school and work in IT security;
  8. I look up other houses of worship because I’m in love with studying religions and love people who are devoted to their faiths, irrespective of what they may be;
  9. I consider myself a libertarian with limits, but in practical consider myself to be apolitical;
  10. I don’t even recall doing this, but when I apparently did, I asked some stupid questions about translating something from Arabic and general “guy talk”.

Scary what you can put together without context or explanation.


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7 Responses to Constructing my identity from Google

  1. Hyde says:

    Ahhh…some of these things are mine…especially having support for the radical right! I have filtered with fascism and find the Fuhrer to be an incredible man. But I am not anti-semitic, in fact I find hasidic jews to be very ‘noble’ in their tradition. And yep love studying culture and customs, but not when they interfere with Islam. You know in a round about way, it is like those people who are atheist but study and write about religion in a favorable way.

    “Too white to be a Paki”…LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂

    P.S. I hope you don’t mind that I am commenting on your blog too much. I only comment on Muslim blogs and most tend to be so superfluous, but your post about disbelief and the one where you weep alone and suffered loss of appetite really hit home. I am right going through a very difficult time and and am very vulnerable. And even in this blessed month, I am “suffering” through a window of lust that I had never had before. Of course the attraction for the opposite gender excited since like I was 4 or 5, but the paroxysm of of sheer lust is overwhelming.

    Was wondering if you could give a pointer or two…perhaps privately.

    Ramadan Kareem

    (You do have exceptional writing skills, just stop wasting time with the it nonsense 🙂

    • Hyde says:

      *as you can tell, with all the grammar mistakes, I am not anywhere close to being an exceptional writer.

    • Nahraf says:

      wa salaam,
      I don’t mind at all, I find it charming. What other blogs do you read? And which ones are trivial? It isn’t that I support other religions, its more that I want people to be serious about whatever they believe in and be honest about it.

      As for lust, fasting will lower your libido 🙂

      • Hyde says:

        OMG I think I went a little too personal in the last post. But yeah fasting works, and it is Ramadan, but how long can a guy hold out, especially when he sees other muslims falling left and right and most enjoying themselves. And it is not libidio, which all men have and should have all their lives, it is a state of lust. And the only halal solution is marriage, but marriage is not the solution!

        btw, I am hoping you are not tending towards perennialism, although if Europe discovered it’s christian past, we all be better off. And I am all for that.

        I let you in on the blogs in a bit, but your overall blog is in a way discomforting because of course you are a muslim, yet you seem to tread on a web of sort of mysticism and cognitivism.

        • Nahraf says:

          Far from perennialism. However…let me go on a small explanation.

          One thing I realized when debating other faiths was that reason and logic do not convince people of anything, most of the time you’re just convincing yourself of your own positions. So, how do you know what’s true? It has to be based on one’s spiritual experiences.

          That brought about another question. Hindus and Christians and whoever have their own spiritual experiences for certain, we cannot deny them that. So, how do we know that Islam is and only is the truth if this is also happening? I asked this question to many people and finally got an answer that not only made sense, but I saw in my own life. In all spiritual paths, if you are sincere upon it, you will eventually reach its end and get bored. From there you will seek to further your journey to Allah and this will reach you to Islam.

          I thought Islam had a mystical element to it. And, what do you mean by cognitivism? I consider myself to be fairly mainstream, definitely not part of an off-shoot sect or anything like that. If what I’ve written so far discomforts you, my next post will even more 🙂

          • Hyde says:

            Of course Islam has a mystical element to it. “mysticism and cognitivism”…yeah I was just trying sound smart as you.

            Your post does not discomforts me in that sense of the world. Ambiguous and sometimes “foolish” words or phrases.
            And at this point in my life shock and awe is gone from me. Not much will shock or surprise me. Sex drugs and rock and roll…seen Muslims involved in it so write a away. Either I will see it to be foolish and of course be the bigger fool to read it, or me thinks it would be “ponderful”.

  2. Hyde says:

    Hey bhai, could do be a Ramadan favor and edit some of the “excited” comments I made previously on this post?

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