What Evolution Means for Religion(s)

I feel uncomfortable saying “Religion”, because its a bit like saying “Sports”, which is vast and diverse, but I will try anyways but focusing on the Abrahamic faiths.

Given evolution, what does that mean for our understanding of religion? There are three options:

Evolution is correct. This new position does not eliminate the belief in God, as Evolution is silent on whether God does or does not exist. The only faiths that would be harmed are those which posit that God created humanity exactly as he currently is.

The second option is to accept that evolution is the current dominant theory and evidence supports it, but that one day it will be proven wrong and will collapse under greater evidence.

The third option is to deny it entirely, which has and will continue to always fail and make all religions look stupid.

The only tenable positions are the first and second. The third is bound to fail.

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