Race-Based Affirmative Action is Racism

Why do people support Affirmative Action? In short, because of the still-lasting legacy of slavery and institutionalized racism, minority groups, in particular African-Americans, are severely disadvantaged. Their schools, families, educational systems, etc have been poorer than Whites. Collectively, this leads to lower GPAs and scores on standardized tests. Therefore, to “level the playing field” (pardon the euphemism), minorities should be given preferential treatment when applying for institutions of higher education.

That should be a pretty fair and neutral presentation. Now lets tear it apart.

The stated reason is because Blacks have been given a bad deal. That’s undeniably true. But, what there was a white student who went to just as poor schools, had the same social problems, and had every misdealing that blacks are dealt? Should he also be a candidate for affirmative action?

You have two answers: Yes or No.

If Yes, then you acknowledge that because of the white student’s disadvantage, he should be given affirmative action. So, whether the student is white or black, that is not the ultimate factor. In reality, the factor is who is disadvantaged. Those people should be given preferential treatment. Race has nothing to do with the equation and should be taken out.

If No, then you are implying that disadvantages have nothing to do with affirmative action. In reality, the only relevant factor is race. This is racism.

Here’s a wrench in the equation: What if the student came from a rich family with high social connections and great access to education, but happens to be black? No factor that warrants affirmative action exists in this student.

If you still say this student should receive affirmative action, again, you are implying that disadvantages have no relevances and only race matters.

If you say no, then you are implying that race is an irrelevant factor

Here’s my take on the matter: Race is an irrelevant factor. What should matter is the students disadvantages measured by his economic status, school districts ranking and other relevant factors. Race should be stricken from the equation. If blacks are truly an under-class (which is largely true) then they would receive affirmative action under this system. But so would a poor Moroccan, Malian, or Mongolian…or even a White student. If these factors are truly relevant, lets make them the relevant factor and stop hiding behind race. Class-Based Affirmative action satisfies the stated objectives of Affirmative Action. Race-Based Affirmative Action is racism.

Thoughts? Comments?


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