Racial Profiling

As a victim of racial profiling, I feel I have a right to throw in my two cents on this issue.

In theory, I agree with racial profiling. Think about it. If the Green Nation of Green people were trying to break apart from the US, and there were several attacks by Greens against the US Government, it might make sense to racially profile Greens for extra screening and checkpoints at airports and targets of high impact. That makes sense. Instead of screening, say, 5,000 people, you only had to screen 100, that would save time and money. Worse yet, a Green terrorist might slip through the random screening process and pass through. So again, in theory I support racial profiling. I don’t think any rational person would disagree with this reasoning.


Racially profiling doesn’t work. No really, it doesn’t work. We’re talking about racially profiling Muslims, of course. But, Islam isn’t a race that can easily be identified. A Muslim can any race, male or female. And what’s even more crazy? The people who did 9/11 were not wearing robes and sporting a beard, they were wearing western-style clothes and were beardless. What’s even more crazy? Some 20% of the Egyptian Arabs, who make up a large contention of America-Arabs, are Christians. It gets even more complicated. 1/3 of the Muslims in the US are Black. Then what about those who converted? What about those who just don’t “look Muslim”? The list goes on….

So while I theoretically support racial profiling, it just doesn’t work.

Your thoughts?


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One Response to Racial Profiling

  1. Muppet Muslim says:

    I love you Nahraf.

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