Where is our Humanity?!

Warning: This is a rant!

I wake up – not with the sun, but with the sound of the alarm. I dress in a perfectly pressed shirt, pants with an  impeccable crease. I commute on a pre-destined set of roads. Work ends at precisely 5pm, back home. I sleep according to the clock.

What happened to our humanity? What happened to our connection to our original nature? Am I some biological mass that’s in the process of being perfected into a machine, with a barcode and an ID?

Small example: Why do men shave? To make us androgynous beings that reduce our humanity just a little more?? What little hair we do allow, we insist that it is perfectly aligned in geometric shapes and lines. Men used to be strong, and take pride in their strength. Nowadays, unless you schedule in gym time, most mens’ arms are indistinguishable from womens’. People now refuse to shake hands, to touch another human being. We are afraid of getting wet, instead of recognizing that a little bit of discomfort is part of what we are.

At work, we sit in front of machines that filter out our humanity into 1’s and 0’s. So much more!

I want to wake up with the sun. I want to eat when hungry, not when the clock strikes 12. You know, I haven’t ridden an animal since childhood? Only cars! My hair should be messy, just a little. I want to eat food I took out of the earth myself, slaughter my own animal and clean it myself, get messy and be a real person. Sure, I might a little hungry and a little tired. But I’ll have a nicer view, and I’ll be a human being!

The sad part is, some of us are so immersed in this lifestyle, we don’t even realize how bad we have it.


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